Appreciate AK nurses!
Anchorage, AK
Dear nurses, thanks so much for all you guys are doing during this crazy time. Your bravery and courage has not gone unnoticed in our community. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!
Kenai, AK
Alaska nurses are over the top excellent!
Anchorage, AK
Thank you nurses for your hard work taking care of patients every day. Proud to know many awesome AK nurses!
Eagle River, AK
Thank you! Thank each and every one of you! God Bless and Keep you Well!
Anchorage, AK
Thank you for each one of you! Stay safe! Also to my daughter Amanda who is home recovering from yet another flair up of coronavirus! Love you!
Happy Nurses Week to all.
Mary Jane
Fairbanks, AK
Thanks to all my awesome brothers and sisters in nursing. Your care of Alaskans is amazing. Happy Nurses Week and 2020 WHO-Year of the Nurse and Midwife.
Girdwood, AK